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Brad's Naturals ACACIA HONEY 15.9 oz

Acacia honey has a sweet, delicate flavor with hints of vanilla, a clean floral aroma and no aftertaste. Unlike many varieties of honey which can be quite overbearing, acacia honey is light and easy on the palate. It is extremely slow to crystallize on the shelf, due to its high fructose content. Add it  yogurt, cereal or ice cream, since it doesn’t overpower other flavors. Acacia honey also has a low acid content so it pairs well with many cheeses, figs, apricots or other stand-alone fruits and nuts.

100% Acacia Natural Honey 
100% Acacia Natural Honey 
Product Attribute
1K Kosher:
All Natural:
Dairy Free:
Nut Free:
Gluten Free:
Cholesterol Free:
Low Sodium:
No Salt:
Low Fat:
Fat Free:
Chabad of Guadalajara:
CRC Chicago Rabbinical Council:
Denet Gida:
Earth Kosher:
HK Kosher:
KOF- K Parve.:
OK Kosher (The Organized Kashrus):
Orthodox Union:
Ortodox Union - Pareve:
Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut:
Star K Kosher:
Vaad Harabonim of New England:
OU Dairy Kosher:
Beth Din of Johannesburg:

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